2017 the 8th China International Poster Biennial

Established in 2003, China International Poster Biennial Expo (CIPB) is a cultural exchange program authorized by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China. With the academic and platform support from China Academy of Art, the world renowned education institution for art and design, CIPB has been held for 7 times in each odd-number year since its establishment. It is the only biennial expo of posters in China and is one of the international graphic design exhibitions with the highest academic standard.

Themed by “Posters Living with Difference”, the 8th CIPB in 2017 will exhibit the works of more than 100 designers invited from all over the world. The works cover multiple fields including culture and art, business and market, human existence and assertions, etc. Instead of selection for awards, the 8th CIPB will be joined by design communication and dialogue activities. 

ITEMS:“Posters Living with Difference” Invitation Exhibition
Nowadays, the diversification of design context and the innovation of technologies have enriched the possibilities of poster design to an unprecedented extent. For one thing, we believe that it is becoming increasingly important to stick with the design language and information expression in traditional posters. For another, we do hope that updating design techniques and thinking may allow us to respond positively to the world’s developing trend of designing art. Therefore, 'Posters Living with Difference” is not only a dialogue among different regions and cultures and a collision between tradition and modernity, but also a reminder of where we are, enabling us to better explore and drive the development of poster design.

■ Organizer: China Academy Of Art
■ Curator: XU Jiang
■ Adviser/Consultant: Hang Jian, Zhao Yan
■ President: BI Xuefeng
■ General Secretary: Wang Yi
■ Curatorial Team: Chen Zhengda, Han Xu, Wu Weichen, Yu Jiadi, Yuan Youmin (Sort By Alphabetical Order Of First Name)

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