13-08-16■ The 14th Platinum Originality Graphic Design Competition for Students
As the 6th China International Poster Biennial subprojects China Platinum Creative Graphic Design Competition Exhibition in China over the same period will also be held at Academy of Fine Arts. Competition aims to promote the exchange of design and design education, professional learning for the students to interact and provide an improved platform. Platinum Contest domestic design education has become an important high-profile professional contest. Contest entries received by the large number of winning selection is also very strict and standardized. Current Platinum Creative Graphic Design student work contest invited outstanding graphic design artists jury selection will work in strict accordance with international practice.

Dates: Nov. 28, 2013 - Dec.3, 2013
Opening: Nov.28, 2013 15:00 pm
Location: 218 Nanshan Road, China Academy of Fine Arts


13-08-16■ China International Poster Biennial of Graphic Design Workshop
13-08-16■ China International Poster Biennial Exhibition review
Jury Painting Exhibition of China International Poster Biennial exhibition projects with International Poster Biennial this year was held at the China Art Academy Gallery. The exhibition brings together all outstanding graphic design artist. They come from around the world - is the first graphic design artists gathered in the Chinese Academy of collective academic hall. The exhibition will gather you master an excellent representative works, we can say whether the masterpieces exhibition quantity and quality is unprecedented. Each piece should be said that the current international graphic design represents the highest level.
13-08-16■ The China International High-Level Graphic Design Forum

China International High-Level Forum is a graphic design from home and abroad by a number of top graphic designers, design scholars feast. Graphic design to promote the international system, thinking, results of the exchange and integration, graphic design together to build a platform for exchange and cooperation. High-Level Forum international team of lecturers from the multi-angle, multi-faceted to analyze the current achievements in the field and the status quo.

13-08-16■ The 6th China International Poster Biennial
China International Poster Biennial is the Ministry of Culture and cultural exchange programs approved by the West Lake Expo in Hangzhou, China 2013 official project of the international graphic design poster exhibit the highest academic level one. 2011 Fifth China International Poster Biennial will be the end of November 2013 held in Hangzhou, China, this exhibition will collect the outstanding posters from around the world works, to demonstrate the 21st century, international situation and the trend of poster design. Since 2003, China International Poster Biennial has been successfully held four biennial world by the international graphic design and other sectors of society attention. The exhibition for the international graphic design community and design education provides a platform for professional exchanges. 
As an internationally renowned art and design educational institutions, China Academy of Art China International Poster Biennial is committed to the organization, to promote the development of the international graphic design, graphic design and prosperity of our creation. Biennale invited the international graphic design artists distinguished jury selected the works in strict accordance with international practice. In addition, China International Poster Biennial as a national professional exchanges, the highest level of China"s international poster competition on display in the world.

Exhibition Period: Nov.28-Dec.2 

Opening ceremony: 15:00 Nov.28
Place: 218 Nanshan Road, Art Museum of China Academy of Art
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