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The 1st China International Poster Biennial

The first China Internaitonal Poster Biennial had been held in October,2003 by china Academy of Art,in Hangzhou,China. It is well known that the poster, which is one of the symbols of the modern civilization, has beed paid attention by people all over the world.New century,great opportunity. Chinese graphic design is facing connecting between domestic and internaional. According to this situation,the China International Poster Biennial is the best method to recognize the communication of international design.
According to the internaional rules,we will hold the poster competition every two years. And the poster,though which we hope to draw the designers of all over the world to this competition,make more people participate in it and improve the international position of Chinese graphic design.
This event is supported by the local government, social organizing committee,designers and medium. The shool leaders, internaional famous designers and many well-known medium joined the opening ceremony and the present reward.

■ Program:
□1. The 1st China International Poster Biennial;
□2. The 1st China International Design Forum;
□3. The Poster Show of the European Graphic Design Marters;
□4. The Graphic Design Workshop of French AGI Members ;
□5. The Poster Show of China Academy of Art;

■ Project of : Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China

■ Organizer: China Academy of Art
□ Curators: Xu Jiang
□ CIPB President: Zhao Yan
□ Executive President:
□ Secretary general:Han Xu
□ Vice-Secretary general: Yuan Youmin  Chen Zhengda

■ President of jury: Yu Bingnan (China)

■ The international jury:
□ Yu Bingnan (China) 
□ Wang Yuefei (China)
□ Ralph Schraivogel(Switzerland)
□ Chen Shaohua (China)
□ Bouvet Michel (France)
□ Zhao Yan (China)
□ Robert L. Peters (Canada)

■ Participants:
Professional designers and design groups all around the world.

■ Categories:
□ A. Cultural Posters
□ B. Public campaign Posters
□ C. Commercial Posters

■ Entry fee: Free

■ Awards:
□ Grand Award (one from all categories)
□ Gold Award (one from each categories)
□ Silver Award (one  from each categories)
□ Bronze Award(one  from each categories)
□ Special Award (five from all categories)

■ Official languages : □Chinese □English


■ Deadline: August 31th, 2003

■ Entry rules:
□All posters must be printed after 2000. All posters must be finished works of offset or silk-screen printing.

□Size of works: no smaller than 36.4cm X 51.5cm and no larger than 120cm X 180cm.

□A label (a copy of a label) filled in in block letters is to be attached to each work,in the lower right-hand corner on the back side.

□Entry forms must be enclosed in a sealed envelope along with the posters. The participants should be requested to fill in an entry form in block letters or
type-written. An illegible entry form will cause disqualification of the entry. The personal details given on the form will serve later as valuable information in
the 1st CIPB 2003 catalogue. The entry form should be signed by the participant.

□There is no limitation to the number of entries submitted by each participant. We can also accept the series works within 4 and account one series as one.

□Each works in duplicate, but mounting is not required.

□Along with the hard copy, please send any documentation in electronic form recorded on CD-ROM. CDs should operate on Mac OS or platform. File Technical Parameters:document size: A4, resolution: 300dpi (CMYK images), file type: only TIFF format accepted.

□The works should be packed in a safe and practical manner to avoid any damage duringtransport. The organizers do not take responsibility for damages sustained in transport.

□The posters must be sent as printed matter of a non -commercial value statement. Please do not include the price of your submission on the postal declaration
or invoice, as this complicates the delivery procedure: the organizers will not undertake any customs clearance and the parcel will be sent back.

□Entries will not be returned. The organizers reserve the right to change the categories of participant’s works.The organizers also reserve the right to refuse
theposters offending morality, or religious or national beliefs, as well as any and all posters breaching the regulation.

□Judges, their family partners and their business partners cannot participate in the competition.

□All matters regarding copyright of the entry will be The responsibility of the participant.

■ Address:
China International Poster Biennial,
Graphic Design Department of China Academy of Art,
Room 213, Building 18,Meiyuan South Road, Zhuantang Town
310024 Hangzhou,

■ Inquires:
□ Web:
□ E-mail:

■ Final obligation:
All the posters selected by the jury for the
competitive exhibition become the property
of the organizers. The organizers have the
right to photograph and reprint the works
for publicity and promotion. One copy of the
catalogue published by organizer will be
available to each participant at a 50% discount.
Each of the participants for the exhibition will
receive a certificate.